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Showreel 2019

Showreel 2019

Artistic Filming

Over the years, we have filmed many Corporate, Factory settings, as well as feature products and models (people).  However, because of proprietary copyrights, we are not allowed to show them on our gallery, but I’ve included some offsite clips while we were on location (Taiwan, USA, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia and China).  During our 8+ years, I think we’ve really developed a good feel for filming our Corporate Videos.  It means shooting cinematically (like the movies), and that means to shoot with artistry to convey meaning whenever we can.  You need to invest in the right equipment. You need to watch lots of movies and you need to practice, practice, practice.

Elephant Mountain Taipei 4K

Elephant Mountain Taipei 4K

Chicago USA - Panoramic Skyline

Cambodia - Soccer

Rizhao, CN - Harbor Reveal

Thailand - Light Installation

Drone – Always breathtaking

We’ve had our drone for over 6 years and it has served us well, especially when shooting expansive factories and buildings.  Everyone seems to have a drone these days, and it’s become more or less standard equipment.   However, shooting with a drone for film or Corporate Video still requires shot design (blocking, props, lighting, drone camera setup), not to mention drone navigating skills.

Taichung, Taiwan 4K

Taichung, Taiwan 4K

3D Animation – Great Investment

I’m so glad we invested in learning 3D animation when we first started C2Believe.  It’s our goto software when we need to really let go and visualize with total creative freedom.  From day one I said, if we can do 3D, we can do anything!   And many thanks to the open source 3D software that we use (

Data Leak

Data Leak

Product Integration

Feature Technologies

Explaining Things - Photographic Lighting

Training Customers

Emotional Symbolism

Using symbolism to represent ideas or even portray the character of a company/product, has been an important strategy in our videos.  The audience can relate easier to a Rubics Cube, than it is to just say “we are problem solvers”.  You can argue that a Rubics Cube is too old fashioned, but in fact, it’s emotionally relevant (they were our toys) and more important, the majority of the audience probably would be hard pressed to solve the Rubics Cube (it’s still a relevant, current-day problem).

This year’s big hit

This year’s big hit

Solving Problems

Evolutionary Technology

Facing Challenges

Vision - Eagle Eyes

Catalogues & DMs

Although Catalogues and DMs are not our main business, some of our customers end up asking us to help them with other marketing material.  We assist because it’s important for a company  to deliver a consistent brand message throughout it’s media and going through a single design company helps to facilitate this.  In addition, we’ve designed exhibition booths, posters and even a website (this C2B website is designed and developed by ourselves).

UPRtek Technology Corp.

LED Light Metering Technology